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Re: Bottom Finder Pics

Dear Sage Spearfishing gods & electronics gurus,

If you were starting over from scratch on an electronics package, what would you choose & why?

I'm in the process of selling my Parker with a Garmin 7610xsv & GT51TH and need to update the 26 Newton which currently has a Garmin GPSmap 4210, GSD22 black box and P319 50/200 kHz 600 watt transducer.

New boat is a monohul with 10 degrees of deadrise and inboard diesel engine and that through hull P319 is pretty much in the best/only unobstructed spot down there.

I dive mainly and have gotten reasonable utility out of the side scan capabilities of the 7610, primarily when trolling around trying to define the spot. I want a machine that will give me all the tools necessary to find and target structure and fish at depth.

Let's go shoot some fish in the face.

Check out my 25' Parker for sale:
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