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Yes it is quite easy actually. You only need neoprene glue and scissors. Usually they come with a template and instructions where exactly to cut the hole.

Pee valve are vastly underrated! I remember a time when I used to laugh and make fun of my buddies who sport one. However if you dive cold water as we do and you enjoy being warm the worst thing you can do is pee in your suit. It feels warm for a few seconds but then you start loosing heat fast because of all the fluid contacting your skin.
On top of that you have all the growth of bacteria. Not an issue if you can clean and rinse your suit after every dive but when you are on a trip the best way to get an ear infection is to pee in your wetsuit since these bacteria will migrate to your ear eventually.

So get over your macho ego and install a pisette like I did. I couldn’t care less what others think of it. Better performance and better hygiene.
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