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Re: Catalina Charter Review

Originally Posted by CaptainLeo View Post
He's been doing this shit for years. I'm really surprised they haven't gottne somebody badly hurt or even killed. Can't believe nobody has called Coast Guard on them to stop them from running these trips. I've had a few people come on my trips tell me what a shit show those trips are. He kept hitting me up about doing spearfishing classes on my boat back when I was still running charters. Not too ure if he's allowed to go to Mexico anymore, heard more than a few horror stories about those trips down to Turtle Bay.
No disrespect.... but is it normal for other people/ captains in the industry NOT to make the call themselves? Considering the level of danger the sport brings in the first place it sounds like this guy is a known shit show and its only a matter of time someone gets seriously hurt or killed.

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