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Re: Middlegrounds 7/17/21

Originally Posted by Spear One View Post
Congrats to David for spearing his personal best Hogfish and ARS and Ben shooting the largest Hogfish of the day which easily weighed in the upper teens. This was my first trip to the Middle Grounds since I retired from commercial spearfishing in 2005 and I had a blast. I made thousands of dives over my career in the Grounds but this was also only the second time I went out for a day trip. A big fast boat makes the trip more enjoyable and the 42 Yellowfin with 4-400hp Mercs we made the trip aboard was amazing. The weather was great, the water was clear and warm, and we filled the box with a lot of quality fish and you can’t ask for any more than that. The only downside was I woke up at 4:30 am and got home at 10:00 pm completely exhausted. However, after a couple days of recovery….I am fired up to go again!

PS, I dropped Adam on a really nice “Cheese Top” that was loaded with fish. However he forgot his stringer but somehow managed to come up with 5 fish.
Kevin, we usually have 2 at the helm area on the way out. Then, those 2 sleep on the bean bags on the way back. I like sleeping on the way back. I'm too stoked up on the way out. As I've aged. My MG recovery time has increased. So, you're not alone. Saw a big Yellowfin near Jims Dive Shop with 4-450hp racing Mercs. Was told top end is around 80 mph. That's "flying" on the water. Am sure the 42 YF flies too.
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