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Re: Advice for a new 70cm gun.

Originally Posted by Ron S View Post
Yeah good guns, but not for me. Dive with a buddy and tried his out, but just didnít care for it.

One big advantage to the RAís is that spare shafts are easy to get and fairly inexpensive. I looked online but canít seem to find replacement shafts for the Pathos guns, and the few shafts I found that look like theyíd work are pretty expensive.

Might sound trivial but where we dive most often, (Fort Brag, CA), is a seven hour drive. The only shop in the area just went out of business due to the closure of abalone season and the pandemic, so all we have is what we take with us. I carry at least one spare mask, snorkel, light, knife, etc. And, since three of us were shooting 70cm guns that I had rigged all the same, two spare shafts that could be dropped into any gun. The new fangled fancy guns Iím looking at, like the Pathos and the newest Mako, donít look like theyíll accept a traditional notched RA shaft, but I could be wrong...
You're wrong. They'll accept any "euro" shaft. Just get the right lenght. I wont get a Pathos though; they're pricey and not as reliable as your RA. New Makos look nice, but haven't seen them in person.

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