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Re: Advice for a new 70cm gun.

Originally Posted by jfjf View Post
Have you looked at the relatively new gun released by MAKO. It is entirely different than their other guns. It includes a trigger mech with a roller design that is super strong and works very well.

free shipping, and they tie the bands on the day you order the gun.
I have, and it looks really good! I tried to e-mail Mako via their “contact us” icon on their website with some questions, but it didn’t work. When I clicked on send, it flashed “URL not found”, and then instantly went back to the home page. I wanted to find out if a traditional notched RA shaft would work on the Mako gun. (Since I have several I carry as spares) It appears that the Mako gun has a deeper track, and I’m not sure the wishbones would reach the notches. Also, the photos show the gun with basically a three sharkfin shaft, with the shooting line attached to the front most fin. Not sure if that’s the setup on the little 70cm gun or not. For my purposes, a two fin shaft would be better. Lastly, if I needed to just purchase a replacement/spare shaft, I wasn’t sure which one of the Mako shafts it would be?

Anyway, my son and I just got back from the coast. He borrowed his brother’s RA 70. He hasn’t decided what he wants to do about a new gun yet, so not sure what direction we’re gonna go, but yeah, I’m liking the innovations that have been put into the new Mako gun!
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