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Re: Advice for a new 70cm gun.

Originally Posted by Ron S View Post
I have, and it looks really good! I tried to e-mail Mako via their “contact us” icon on their website with some questions, but it didn’t work. When I clicked on send, it flashed “URL not found”, and then instantly went back to the home page. I wanted to find out if a traditional notched RA shaft would work on the Mako gun. (Since I have several I carry as spares) It appears that the Mako gun has a deeper track, and I’m not sure the wishbones would reach the notches. Also, the photos show the gun with basically a three sharkfin shaft, with the shooting line attached to the front most fin. Not sure if that’s the setup on the little 70cm gun or not. For my purposes, a two fin shaft would be better. Lastly, if I needed to just purchase a replacement/spare shaft, I wasn’t sure which one of the Mako shafts it would be?

Anyway, my son and I just got back from the coast. He borrowed his brother’s RA 70. He hasn’t decided what he wants to do about a new gun yet, so not sure what direction we’re gonna go, but yeah, I’m liking the innovations that have been put into the new Mako gun!

Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know about the issue concerning the Email link. We are going to be working on it; it appears that it is working for some people and not others.

In any regard, if you would like to talk with our staff, you can call during normal business hours and we are always happy to answer any questions you have.

Also, the new Titan Roller mechanism can use normal and notched euro shafts, they are compatible with the open track and you can also use a rear attachment of the shooting line - in other words, there is lateral room in the mech for the shooting line loop to be inserted.

If you want to order an extra shaft when you order the gun, that is no problem and the guys should be able to help you select the appropriate MAKO shaft for your application.

Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience our Email link has caused.



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