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Smile Belated thanks to FII and Martin Stepanek

Several years ago, probably like 5-6 years (or more) I won an FII Gift Certificate for a Freediving Training course at the Blue Wild Expo. I delayed quite some time in redeeming that coupon.

After a few calls with FII management, we got the approval for my son to take the Level 2 Freedive class in West Palm Beach with Errol Putigna.

He completed the class this summer and felt that it was excellent.

Safety is a big part of that class.

Not long after completing the class, my son was called upon to apply the skills learned when he assisted a buddy who had a BO at the surface - just a few weeks ago.

The skills and the emphasis on being attentive to a freedive buddy meant that the recovery went text book and the victim immediately recovered.

Thanks FII !

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