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Homosassa 9-25-21 spearing

Ran due west from Homosassa. First drop in 50' vis was a hazy 10' no hogs or grouper. Decided to run out and try 60 and 70' depths. Vis improved to 25' plus but still hazy, lots of small filaments of snot in the water column. Lots of small gags but no shootable ones. Had to pass up a BIG red grouper. Ended up with 5 nice hogs between 16 and 21". Had a school of nice ARS follow me on a ledge in 70'. Maybe we'll get another mini ARS season in Oct.

Water temps on bottom 82, mild current. Bumpy on the way out, smooth on the way in.

Every dive had LOTs of medium and large mangos. didn't shoot any as I have a freezer full of them already. Could have easily filled a cooler with 3 to 5 pounders.
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