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Re: Full face snorkels

There are many full face snorkel mask patents, some covering the ornamental or external appearance and others the technical features and internal structural variations, but I eventually found ones that related to an electric fan built into the device for assisting with the airflow. These Chinese patents belong to the Dong Guan City Blue Dolphin Sporting Goods Company Limited and the inventor is cited as Lixiang Liao.

There are two Chinese patents CN201910044057.4 dated January 27 2019 and CN201910484297.6 dated June 5 2019 and these have been followed by US patents US20200231260 A1 dated October 30 2019 and US11097818 B2 also dated October 30 2019. Note that these dates are the filing dates which establish the invention priority, not the patent publication dates which are somewhat later. Patents are also taken out in other jurisdictions to protect the intellectual property in those countries.

Note that issuing of patents does not mean that they are being granted a tick of approval, they just register a claim to the idea as to who came up with it first.
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