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Personal underwater pinger, diver search locator

Back in the day there was a "Wet Beacon, Wet Finder" gadget that was an acoustic beacon unit that you moored on the bottom and a similar gadget that was used to locate the beacon by progressively narrowing down the search beam as you swung the locator from side to side. Now electronics-wise these were almost Stone Age to what we have now in all sorts of modern electronic gadgets, plus they were 9 volt battery powered with those batteries you often see in smoke alarms and were prone to snapping terminals off when you changed them.

It occurs to me that a freediver could wear a much smaller device on his back so that he could be located underwater if an emergency arose and visibility was poor. Other divers would be equipped with the same gadget operating on different frequencies or pulse modulations while someone carried a finder or tracker so that in the event that things went pear-shaped the lost diver's bearing could be located. Miniaturization and more powerful compact batteries may make such gadgets practical today. Activated by diving would conserve battery life and a deep-water alarm could also be incorporated for alert at dangerous depths. The search function would need to isolate the required diver frequency and ignore the rest. At a low enough cost everyone could be similarly equipped when engaged in deep water hunting.

Just searching around modern equivalents are still available, but these are for relocating an object after weeks or months in the water, a diver unit will not require the endurance or the range (hopefully!).
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