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Re: Personal underwater pinger, diver search locator


You have to look into the opposite direction to find what you are looking for.

We, alpinist/climbers/rando-skiers and pretty much anyone who "plays" in the snow have been using the ARVA's for ages. The ARVA acronym stands for "Appareil de Recherche de Victime d'Avalanche". It is a french thing as you can see.

It has two modes. By default you have it locked into SEND mode... if you go on a hike with your buddies and an avalanche takes place and wipes one or seveal of you out, the ones who got out unharmed switch their devices to SEARCH mode, which allows them to find the buried partner.

Long ago you had to rely solely on bipping sounds, but right now they are equippped with up to three antennas, have a digital display and while still some training is required (and strongly recommended), they help you A LOT to locate victims.

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