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Welcome Lurkers!

Welcome Lurkers! Tonight there were on SpearBoard 105 people (29 members and 76 guests). That is a ratio of almost 3 to 1 and is typical of just about every day on this website. I encourage guests (who we affectionately call "Lurkers") to go ahead and get in the water and sign up as a member. It costs you nothing and enables you to post comments or questions, to start new threads, and to participate fully in the forum. Sometimes you might see verbal bruising and heated discussion. Sometimes you might see intelligent suggestions that improve the craft of the sport of spearfishing. Sometimes you might see off-the-wall bizarre behavior or questionable humor. But, let me tell you this: All of that is a magical chemistry that makes SpearBoard one of the most exciting and active places in cyberspace for spearfishing. The bottom line is that SpearBoard participation is great fun! So keep lurking if you really want to, but do consider signing up. Once you take the plunge and join SpearBoard, you won't regret it.
"Spearing is the path to enlightenment." --- Lao Tzu

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