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Personal Attack Policy


As the owner of Spearboard, I have been approached by many Board Dwellers about the formal establishment of a policy about personal attacks. I have been resistant to doing this because I really like the “wild & woolly” aspects of Spearboard and the greater freedom of expression here as compared to other heavily moderated Internet Discussion Forums. The best definition of “woolly” I could find is “marked by boisterous roughness or lack of order or restraint.” However, the Moderator Team has decided to spell out a policy as follows:

1.) YOU WILL BE PUNISHED - Should you engage in a personal attack on a fellow Spearboard member or any nonmember, you may be banned from Spearboard for any period of time the Forum Administrator decides. There are other disciplinary actions that can be applied as well. You probably may or may not be warned in a private message. This is done as simply as a few clicks of the mouse, so please take this potential punishment seriously.

2.) DEFINITION OF PERSONAL ATTACK – Heated discussion is only human and there are many instances when a Spearboard discussion gets personal. Hopefully, the parties will eventually apologize to each other and move on. We encourage you to clean up such messes yourself through your self-edit software controls so that moderators do not have to do it for you. Defining a personal attack is like that famous definition of porn: “I know it when I see it.” Therefore, the definition will have to remain fuzzy and subject to the judgment of the moderators. Joking, Razzing, Whining, Crying, Wimpering, Howling, Screeching, Clowning, Jeering, Sneering, Taunting, Tormenting and many other forms of free speech are certainly allowed here. But, keep in mind you are on a public discussion forum and try not to let the heat rise to the level where others will perceive your posting as a personal attack. This policy also applies to avatars and signatures, as well as personal attacks on individuals inside or outside the Spearboard Community. This also includes dredging up things from member's pasts in an attempt to malign them. Subtle or overt personal attacks orchestrated by groups of members will also be dealt with accordingly.

3.) PROCEDURE FOR PERSONAL ATTACK MODERATION – If you feel you are the victim of a true personal attack, just let a Spearboard moderator know. They will resolve it themselves through direct edits of postings and private messages to perpetrators. Moderators will discuss serious offenses among the Moderator team for consideration for banning as indicated above. The current Moderator Team in alphabetical order is as follows:

So Cal Shaggy

Thank you for your involvement in I truly welcome your contribution toward keeping this refuge in cyberspace an exciting, interesting, information place. Let’s keep Spearboard “wild & woolly,” but civil towards each other. All the Best! Tony

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