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Re: Where do you store a boat?

Rv/Boat storage is expensive and difficult here in SoCal. I am lucky that I can keep my boat at my house, but I pay almost $150 a month to store a 21' Travel Trailer. The storage fees cost more than the payments on the trailer!!! I can't keep both at the house. My trailer has been to three different storage yards in the last 1 1/2 years. The first one was too far, at the second one, things kept getting stolen off my trailer, and the third one is expensive, but at least it is secure.

Before you get a boat, take a good look at where you will put it. Storage is just expensive. If it's not close and convenient, you won't use it as much.

Every month storage fees piss me off, but I would rather pay them and have fun with the toys right now.
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