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Re: Where do you store a boat?


Dry storage means on your trailer rather than in a slip. Of course the dry-stack places would fit the term too. At Dana Point, the Embarcadero Marina has a storage yard with a locked gate. The hours vary by season and by weekday vs. weekend, but in general they don't open early enough and close too early if I'm going to the islands, so I have to get the boat out of storage the afternoon before the trip and leave it out in the trailer parking lot that people use after they launch, or bring it home and park it illegally in the driveway over night. Then I have to reverse that after I get back to the harbor after the storage yard is closed.

The entire harbor area is going to be renovated over the next three years or so, and they are going to build a dry stack building, but say that there will still be some surface storage.

The price used to be based on manufacturers stated boat length, but last year they started charging based on actual measurement from tongue of trailer to end of swim step, out drive, or whatever sticks out the most. You pay more if you leave your out drive or outboard up on the day they measure. My trailer could handle a 24' boat and my boat is only 22', but it might as well be 24'.

The best solution is to have storge space at your house. I bought my house with that in mind. It has a long driveway and it was legal to park boats and RVs in driveways in San Clemente. I even cut down nice fruit trees and widened the driveway so that the boat would be out of the way of the garage door. After 20 years, the city changed the zoning code and refused to grandfather me, so I had to go looking for storage because I couldn't afford to fight them in court.

I was on a long waiting list at Dana Harbor, so my first storage was in a tow yard out Pico, inland of here. Its a place that contracts with cities and county to tow away illegally parked or derelict vehicles, and it also rents a few spaces to RVs and boats. The advantage was that they gave me a combination to the lock on the gate so that I had 24/7 access, but that was uncertain because you might show up early in the morning and find that a tow driver had left a car in front of your boat.

As you mentioned, Newport and the Long Beach area are a lot closer to Catalina than is Dana. The down side is that its a longer drive to get to the boat, and more of a pain in the ass to work on it, etc.
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