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Re: Full face snorkels

Here is the schematic for one embodiment annotated after reading through the patent text. This version pipes both inlet and outlet air via the snorkel tube, other designs can push exhaust air out via the front of the mask, but the current mask seems to be as the one shown here with an inlet and outlet at the top of the snorkel. The electric fan works on the exhaust side, but any depression created inside the mask is claimed to draw air in from the environment. Basically this mask is using electric fan assist to get around the small bore of the air ducts that hamper these devices, a problem created by trying to use a full face mask with an ambient air supply in the first place. Check valves co-ordinate air movement and shuts things off if water penetrates the float chambers in the snorkel top to cut the power and stop water entering the mask, or at least they do on paper and with everything working properly.
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