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2013 Hell Divers Rodeo - May 30 to June 2, 2013 Check this forum for the latest on the World Famous Hell Divers Rodeo

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Rodeo Results

2013 Rodeo Results


Louis Rossignol HellDivers 72.3 lbs.
Terry Migaud. HellDivers 66.9 lbs.
Mark Lemoine Sea Tigers 64.1 lbs.

David Dauzat HellDivers 38.5 lbs.
Vincent Leblanc HellDivers 37.2 lbs.
Jimmy Richard HellDivers 34.1 lbs.

Vncent Leblanc HellDivers 61.1 lbs.
Louis Rossignol HellDivers 42.2 lbs.
David Dauzat HellDivers 34.4 lbs.

Rafe Antil HellDivers 58.0 lbs.
Jamie Haulk 47.0 lbs.
Wil Demuth HellDivers 12.8 lbs.

Jack Crevelle
Chris Canedo HellDivers 40.2 lbs.
Scott Cameron HellDivers 37.7 lbs.
Christy Stone Aqua Aces 34.5 lbs.

Mangrove Snapper
David Dauzat HellDivers 12.6 lbs.
Louis Rossignol HellDivers 12.4 lbs.
Scott Cameron HellDivers 11.0 lbs.

Rafe Antil Cubera 45.5 lbs.
Chase Donaldson King Mackeral 39.6 lbs.
Abbie Donaldson Almaco 32.7 lbs.

Red Snapper
Mark Peart HellDivers 22.7 lbs.
George Ansardi HellDivers 21.7 lbs.
Louis Rossignol HellDivers 19.4 lbs.

Vincent Leblanc HellDivers 6.3 lbs.
Wil Demuth HellDivers 6.3 lbs.
Kenny B Sea Tigers 6.3 lbs.

Spade Fish
David Dauzat HellDivers 8.6 lbs.
Louis Rossignol HellDivers 7.9 lbs.
Louis Rossignol HellDivers 7.7 lbs.

Rafe Antil HellDivers 140.3 lbs.
Rafe Antil HellDivers 98.2 lbs.
Wil Demuth HellDivers 85.1 lbs.

Trigger Fish
George Ansardi HellDivers 9.0 lbs.
George Ansardi HellDivers 8.4 lbs.
Chris Canedo HellDivers 8.2 lbs.

Best Club Hell Divers

Best Boat Under Pressure CPT Rafe Antil Hell Divers

King Rafe Antil Hell Divers
1st Runner up Louis Rossignol Hell Divers

Queen Christy Stone Aqua Aces
1st Runner up Abbie Dolaldson Aqua Aces

Champion Skin Diver Vincent LeBlanc Hell Divers
1st Runner up Scott Cameron Hell Divers

Champion Sr Diver Terry Migaud Hell Divers
1st Runner up Jimmy Richard Hell Divers

Champion Jr Diver Avery Facheaux
1st Runner up Zachary Schmidt Hell Divers
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Thumbs up Re: Rodeo Results

congrats to all!

Originally Posted by mrfish87 View Post
2013 rodeo results

note: All weights are in tenths and not ounces!

louis rossignol helldivers 72.3 lbs.
Terry migaud. Helldivers 66.9 lbs.
Mark lemoine sea tigers 64.1 lbs.

david dauzat helldivers 38.5 lbs.
Vincent leblanc helldivers 37.2 lbs.
Jimmy richard helldivers 34.1 lbs.

vncent leblanc helldivers 61.1 lbs.
Louis rossignol helldivers 42.2 lbs.
David dauzat helldivers 34.4 lbs.

rafe antil helldivers 58.0 lbs.
Jamie haulk 47.0 lbs.
Wil demuth helldivers 12.8 lbs.

Jack crevelle
chris canedo helldivers 40.2 lbs.
Scott cameron helldivers 37.7 lbs.
Christy stone aqua aces 34.5 lbs.

Mangrove snapper
david dauzat helldivers 12.6 lbs.
Louis rossignol helldivers 12.4 lbs.
Scott cameron helldivers 11.0 lbs.

rafe antil cubera 45.5 lbs.
Chase donaldson king mackeral 39.6 lbs.
Abbie donaldson almaco 32.7 lbs.

Red snapper
mark peart helldivers 22.7 lbs.
George ansardi helldivers 21.7 lbs.
Louis rossignol helldivers 19.4 lbs.

vincent leblanc helldivers 6.3 lbs.
Wil demuth helldivers 6.3 lbs.
Kenny b sea tigers 6.3 lbs.

Spade fish
david dauzat helldivers 8.6 lbs.
Louis rossignol helldivers 7.9 lbs.
Louis rossignol helldivers 7.7 lbs.

rafe antil helldivers 140.3 lbs.
Rafe antil helldivers 98.2 lbs.
Wil demuth helldivers 85.1 lbs.

Trigger fish
george ansardi helldivers 9.0 lbs.
George ansardi helldivers 8.4 lbs.
Chris canedo helldivers 8.2 lbs.

Best club hell divers

best boat under pressure cpt rafe antil hell divers

king rafe antil hell divers
1st runner up louis rossignol hell divers

queen christy stone aqua aces
1st runner up abbie dolaldson aqua aces

champion skin diver vincent leblanc hell divers
1st runner up scott cameron hell divers

champion sr diver terry migaud hell divers
1st runner up jimmy richard hell divers

champion jr diver avery facheaux
1st runner up zachary schmidt hell divers
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