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Old 11-26-2015, 12:15 PM   #1
Moana Waterman
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Moana Waterman sale and new website

At Moana Waterman, we rarely post....so I'm going to take the time to put a few things out there. Thanks for reading!

1) Black Friday, Cyber Monday sale! $50 off on our new Euro fins.

2) New Website. It's not completely finished, but in working order and big improvement. Our shopify e-commerce platform is super secure and excellent at informing and tracking orders/shipping. Before long, our site will include bios of team members, sizing and flex guides, and some fun pics/lifestyle, etc.

3) Euro fins
We started trickling these out starting Feb 2015 at the Blue Wild. We did a soft launch as we were slow manufacturing and couldn't supply retailers, so we just let them slide into the community slowly and started getting feedback. We have had overwhelmingly incredibly positive feedback. Many of our team have switched over as well. Personally, it's all I dive now. Our goal and design was for the most efficient fin possible for freedive and spearfishing. For example, we tested them off Pukey Point (must kick while breathing up to stay on the spine). Whoever was using the Euros had considerably longer bottom times and whoever used any other fins had shorter bottom times. Divers switched fins and the same results! These are extremely comfortable fins designed to reduce fatigue throughout the day, as well as ascents from the deep. The shorter design is 74 cm long (about 1.5 inches shorter than average but more surface area than average) has less drag and it's ultra easy to fully snap these tips through your kick stroke with a smaller kick....which makes YOU much more hydrodynamic as well!! These fins feel like a very light load on the legs, partly because they are on the softer side, but mostly because they are shorter. We've had a European dive instructor (gets free gear from everyone - name to be announced once he joins our "team") testing against pretty much all the European brand fins and his opinion is that they are the best for deep freediving. I agree. They have the least burn of all I've tried. I think what makes them unique is that the base off the toes is wider than most, so we have a beefy, large stiff section off the toes without having to extend way up the fin line most fins do. This gives you power, yet makes moving the whole blade easy to move through the proper aerofoil shape being that it's soft and short. Also, by being shorter, they surface swim really, really well for all those shore divers and reef runners!

In short, these Euro fins work really great for long, comfortable days on the water, ultimate efficiency bi-fin kicking up from the deep, surface swimming (shore diving), and great for situations where maneuverability is important like hole hunting or kelp. The best thing is WE HAVE AMPLE SUPPLY RIGHT NOW TO BE ABLE TO OFFER A DISCOUNT AND SHIP IMMEDIATELY!!

4) GENERAL INFO ABOUT OUR FINS AND COMPANY: We never really announced it, but our fins starting late 2014 and early 2015 have been seriously upgraded and made in our own facility in San Diego. We now have total control of all processes, except the prepreg material. Prepreg, rails, manufacture, assembly...it's all done in So Cal. Our tooling is unique in the industry and producing a superior "press". Our fins are 100% prepreg carbon of aerospec spec (though not certified so as to save customers money) and a super high grade resin with polymers infused to give extra toughening and flexibility. We have maintained the torsional stiffness we are known for, but the core of our fins is totally different and proprietary so we can't say too much about it. I CAN say that our fins are anywhere between 13 and 18 layers thick of carbon and we have eliminated most of all of the "crimp" angle stresses with our unique carbon materials and design. We know of only one other fin manufacturer that does this and they charge over $800 for a pair! It's a technique we were working on with aerospace manufacturers when we were searching for a new manufacturer. Ultimately we just couldn't make the numbers work unless we did it ourselves. This provides the ultimate in fatigue cycling durability. We are super excited about our new materials and processes. For almost 2 years we were in a bit of limbo and struggling to either obtain product or manufacture it, but we are humming now and ready to serve the freedive and spearfishing market. We really appreciate all of those who have had patience with us as we've been building the next generation fins. We are on our third version of fins, starting in 2015. We casually call them our V3 for version three. Check us out and happy diving!
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The Conch Republic
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Re: Moana Waterman sale and new website

I recently started using these Euro Series in soft. I was skeptical. I am yet to go back to my other fins after a couple months. The length is more maneuverable, your legs will love them. Their is no loss of power like I assumed. They don't twist, what Moana is known for.

I am really impressed, for those are have been looking into them. Although my $.02 is just that, I think most people will be surprised how good these fins are and how much longer your legs will last.
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Old 12-01-2015, 11:04 AM   #3
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Re: Moana Waterman sale and new website

JD do you have any reference in how the stiffness compares to other brands? For instance a soft Moana Euro compared to a soft C4 / Bleutec / Deep Apnea?
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